Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men in 2014 Reviews

With so many top names in running shoes,it can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to find the right pair; for this reason, men have to take the time to find out about the design and style of a new pair of shoes. When you are ready to buy, you have to consider the top names, for quality and a long lasting product. No matter what, these are the top 10 best running shoes for men in 2014 reviews, all of which are going to provide the support and comfort, whether you run long or short distances, or in an indoor track or outside.


10. GTS 13 Brooks Adrenaline

Proven road stability, light in weight, breathable material, and major support, are a few features that make this a great shoe for the long distance runner. If you like longer, outdoor runs, and want optimal support, you can be rest assured that you are going to get it out of this new running shoe.

9. Adidas Energy Boost

2500 polyurethane capsules were fused together to create this shoe. Industry leading cushion has been confirmed by the Runner’s world lab, so you know it is going to provide the support you need, no matter where you run, or what distances you are going to run, when you are in this pair of shoes.

8. Altra Instinct 1.5

A barefoot style sneaker, is so light in weight, you can wear it anywhere, or on any track. Longer gait, more web cushion, and an extra wide toe box, are just some of the features you are going to like, and some of the protective barriers you are going to get, if you do choose this new sneaker for your runs this year.

7. Saucony Kinvara 4

Supportive and stable, are a few of the words you will find come to mind with this shoe. A flatter and more flexible shoe, and one that is built for a longer distance, and for the faster speeds, when you are going to take this shoe out for a run.

6. Inov 8 Bare feet

Light weight trainer, and drop from heel to toe, ensure a softer and smoother land, each time that you take a step in this shoe. A sticky outsole, is made of the material that climbing shoes are made of, which also means you are going to be able to take these out on a run in any location, and you are still going to have the protection and traction you need, each time you go out.

5. Crossfit Lifter Reebok

A polyurethane stability wedge, makes this a great shoe if you are always changing direction or if you are a trainer that likes to do sprint work with your shoes. It will keep you glued to the ground, and will ensure you avoid ankle injuries or rolls, when you are constantly turning and going in different directions during your training.

4. New Balance Minimus 20V3

Just enough cushioning, and a wider toe box, and the sticky Vibram sole, make this shoe great for open air outdoor runners. The wider base also allows you to take longer stride, and even if out of your comfort zone, you can appreciate this shoe when you are going out for a run.

3. Aasics Gel Lyte 33.2

Light and flexible you can use them for interval training or for weight lifting. Plush running midsoles provide the inner balance, and provide the base that you need, so that you do not injure your feet, or roll over your ankle, if you are running on an uneven surface, or if you are on a harsh exterior surface, when going out for your run.

2. Skora Base

Zero drop from heel to toe, and a 9 mm base, ensures enough cushioning, and it also provides the most even base for you to run, whether you are on a track, or if you are running on a mountain base. An x strap system is also going to help to keep your feet in place, and is going to keep your feet from moving around too much, so that you do not get injured, and so you do not lose your balance, especially if you are doing sharp turns or interval work when you go out for a run.

1. Under Armour Micro G Toxic 6

A sock like upper sole, helps to keep the runner’s foot in place, and it also provides the breathable sole that you want, if you do run on a number of different terrains. Asymmetrical lacing is also going to keep your feet in place, which is the most important factor to look for in a running shoe, when you are trying to avoid the injuries that come along with rolling the ankle, or with the base of your foot. The softer landing, and a thicker cushioning, all in a smaller package and base of your shoe, are just a few of the design features you are going to appreciate with this new shoe, when you are looking for the ideal new pair of running shoes to purchase this year.

Not only should your shoe be breathable, it has to offer optimal support and cushioning, for the harder landing spots when you go out for a run, especially in an outdoor setting, and uneven grounds you will go running on. So, the cushion, and the heel to toe base, are a few of the most important things you have to look at, when you are going to buy a new pair. You also have to keep in mind the name brand, and the reputation of the shoe, so that you do end up with something that is going to last, and a shoe that is going to get you to your desired destinations as well. No matter which of these pairs you decide on, you are going to get that stability and the support, and you are going to have a good looking pair, from a well known brand name, so you can rely on the quality and the protection your feet will have, on any trail.

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