Top 10 Most Seductive Perfumes for Men in 2014

When we talk about fragrances (Aka Aroma compound ), usually women’s perfumes come to our mind. However, men’s perfumes are equally appealing and very sexy. One of the things in men that decidedly entice women is the perfume or cologne they are wearing. It is something that makes them unique and attractive. Popular brands consider these points when creating glamorous colognes for men so that they would become instant hits among women. If men want to seduce women in the year 2014, here is a list of top 10 most seductive perfumes they can try. Some of the choices may be old but they are still very much “in” and the hot favorites of women.

10. Angel by Thierry Mugler

This one is at number 1 position on our top 10 most seductive perfumes for men in 2014. Angel by Thierry Mugler was launched back in 1996 but it is one of those perfumes that you can’t easily forget. Available in a very stylish black bottle with a blue star on it, this perfume can also make a memorable gift for your loved one on any occasion. It has a unique and attractive blend of caramel, coffee, lavender, and mint. It is for those tall, dark, and handsome men out there who want to seduce women and sweep them off their feet.

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9. Gucci by Gucci

If luxury and class are on your mind, this perfume is going to fulfill all your requirements perfectly. In addition to being very seductive, this perfume is modern and very masculine. A bit more expensive than other colognes, it is created to impress your partner with its unique freshness and alluring aroma. Gucci is at number 2 on our list owing to the consistent positive reviews it has received ever since its inception. It comes in a stylish black bottle and is available for $90 on most stores.

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8. He Wood by DSQUARED2

This is a fragrance you must try if you want to look sexy and appealing in front of your loved one. Available in a very classic wooded bottle, this scent was introduced to the market in 2007. It is new, has a unique woody smell, and is very masculine. It can also become an excellent gift for men belonging to any age group because of its elegance and rich aroma. Top notes of this wonderful perfume are violet and violet leaf, middle ones being vetiver and cedar, and base notes of amber and musk. This one has received a 4.5-star rating by its customers and continues to be on the top list for sexy and seductive colognes for men.

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7. Reaction by Kenneth Cole

A very classic and rich fragrance for men, Reaction by Kenneth Cole is recommended to casual use but it is also suitable for a romantic date. Women simply love it because of its masculine effect, fruity smell, and light nature. It is not like those strong colognes most men use but it surely has the ability to attract women. Because of its fruity or more correctly “juicy” fragrance, this one is very refreshing and energetic. If you want a clean yet rich scent to allure ladies, try this one from the design house of Kenneth Cole.

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6. Rochas Man by Rochas

This one is not very popular but it is surely one of the most pleasant fragrances for men out there. Not just pleasant but very masculine and sweet at the same time. It was launched in 1999 by the design house of Rochas and has been positively rated by its customers ever since its inception. If seduction is absolutely the only thing on your mind, try this perfume and see how women get attracted to you. Rochas comes in a very stylish pyramid-shaped bottle and a very reasonable price tag.

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5. Dirty English by Juicy Couture

At number 6, we have a relatively new and very unique perfume launched in 2008 by the design house of Juicy Couture. It’s a blend of Blue Cypress, Mandarin, Bergamot, Wood, Atlas cedar, and Amber Musk. This perfume has been found to be very enticing by several women and because of that they have chosen it many times for their loved one. It makes you feel like a real man with its original leathery scent and a quality of freshness suitable for all seasons. It is a bit more expensive than the perfumes we have listed above but it is definitely worth trying!

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4. Escape by Calvin Klein

Escape by Calvin Klein is another unforgettable cologne, great to give away as a gift to your loved one. Women love it because of its mesmerizing blend of Bergamot, Juniper, Rosemary, Apple, and Sandalwood. It was introduced to the market in the year 1993 by the design house of Calvin Klein. It is recommended for evening wear to seduce women at dinner parties. Women who have reviewed this perfume have declared it to be very masculine, classic, and sexy. Men who have used it don’t seem to try another one.

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3. JOOP! By Joop

At number 8, we have the popular and well-liked JOOP from the design house of Joop. This one has received a 5-star rating time after time on various review and shopping sites including Amazon. It is one of the favorites of men as well as women mainly because of its exotic scent and long lasting nature. If you want to appear extremely masculine and very attractive, try this perfume for just $25!

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2. Eternity by Calvin Klein

This is one perfume that both men and women do not seem to forget. It was launched in the year 1990 but it continues to be one of the most favorite fragrances of many men out there. It is elite and elegant and comes in a small and beautiful bottle. Even today many women choose this scent as a gift to give to their loved one. The old Eternity by Calvin Klein is a must-have for all those men who wish to impress their partner and we have it at number 9 on our list; however, the new Eternity Aqua is equally enticing and very fresh. Try this perfume and see how many women approach you to ask what you are wearing.

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1. Allure Sport by Chanel

At number 10, we have this alluring cologne spray available for a little above $120. It was launched back in 2004 but still holds a good position among top perfumes for men. A unique and mesmerizing blend of Atlas cedar, Aldehydes, Orange, White musks, Aquatic Note, and Vetiver, this perfume has received positive customer feedback consistently since its introduction to the market. If you want a great, relatively new, and memorable fragrance in reasonable price to entice women, try Allure Sport by Chanel.

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